BLACKMAGiC Motor Holding (Pty) Ltd was an investment arm of the Blackmagic Group that focuses on the premium motor retail sector.

The company had impressive brands under its dealerships that include:

  • Ducati Motor Bikes
  • BMW Sandton
  • Daytona Luxury Cars

By focusing on the higher end of the market, the company was able to bring some of the best motor vehicles in the country. This included the license for Rolls Royce as well as the Koenigsegg motorcars.

As part of its investment strategy, BLACKMAGiC Holdings was guided by the following main principles in negotiating business deals:

  • Linkage of the entity to BLACKMAGiC Group
  • Long-term commercial viability
  • Growth prospects and ability to create value
  • Ability to make Strategic and Management contribution

In 2013 BLACKMAGiC Motoring Holdings withdrew its participation into the motor sector.  The Company has during the tenure in the motor vehicle market certainly added its magic in the exciting industry.