Founded in 1996, BLACKMAGiC Communications has carefully crafted a reputation of being a trend leader and innovator in the medium-sized marketing and communications agency space in South Africa. With a wealth of extensive expertise and armed with the correct tools for bringing BRANDS to life either through marketing, communications and events management – our insights, curated over the last 21 years, have created notably unique, memorable and recommendable experiences to numerous clients, from small to Blue Chip companies.

About Us

Our philosophy and functionary outlook ensures that every interaction leaves a unique and magical experience, every step of the way. Changing behaviour takes vision, courage and belief that unlock the magic of our unique craft. Our interpretation, through our strategic planning, creative and account management teams is structured to make a discernible difference to those it touches and a clear definition that makes our work stand-out magnificently for the captive audience and the competition.

This Is What We Do

As an integrated Marketing and Communications agency, we tailor make strategic positioning of campaigns and brands that apply specifically to organizational objectives- communication plans and effective brand exposure.
BLACKMAGiCAL is the wand that drives everything that we touch and experience with any brand.

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